Come have fun and explore the wonderful world of mosaics. My passion is mosaics and I would love to teach you some of the skills I have learned while in the certificate program at The Chicago Mosaic School. Workshops take place in my studio in San Antonio with the number of participants limited to four. This is ideal for a small group of friends coming together for fun. Scroll down to see workshop listings and comments from students. Cost includes the use of tools and materials. Send me a message and let's schedule a workshop. Payment via PayPal or check/cash holds your spot. For more information, please contact me.

**Scheduled Workshops** (Other dates available upon request)

Please note to ensure your own safety and that of others, you must have been completely vaccinated in order to participate in all workshops.

Stained Glass Mosaics - “Celestial Gaudi”
Friday, December 3rd, 2021
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
$125 per person
In this introductory mosaic workshop, we will use colorful stained glass to create your mosaic. The pattern we will use will be inspired by the beautiful ceramic tile work of Antoni Gaudi.

See pictures from the previous Celestial Gaudi workshop:…

Glass-on-Glass Mosaic Mandala Workshop
3 days
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
$400 per person (limit 4 participants)

In my Glass-on-Glass Mosaic Mandala workshop, you will learn the complete process I use in making my glass-on-glass mosaic mandalas you see on this website. I always amazed by the results from beginner and experienced alike. Cost includes design consultation with me before the workshop via email and the use of tools, materials, and large selection of art glass. See what previous students have created during the workshop.…

Pebble Mosaic - "Mandalas: Circles of Stone"
Saturday, September 28
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
$125 per person (limit 4 participants)

In this introductory mosaic workshop, you will be using various colors of natural pebble create your mosaic. Design considerations, including using dark and light values, will be discussed as well as how to tint thinset (a cement like product kused to adhere tile) and apply it. Sealing your mosaic will be the last step before your framed mosaic is ready to take home.

Andamento I - "Discover the Language of Mosaic"
Full Day
$125 per person (limit 4 participants)

The Andamento I workshop may be the most important mosaic workshop you can take. It's great for the beginner and the more experienced mosaicist. Come learn the fundamental language of mosaics. Learn how to "read" andamento and how to use it effectively in your own mosaics. Bring a sketchbook, sharpened pencils and a good eraser. Instead of cutting material to learn andamento, we will be drawing them. It is much quicker and easier.

Andamento II - "Expressing With Andamento"
Full Day
$125 per person (limit 4 participants)

In this follow-up workshop, you will apply the lessons learned in Andamento I on an image of your choice. In a way, this is "where the rubber hits the road." We will be working on a plan of action for your next mosaic. Through drawing "flow lines" and selecting shape, size, and material of tesserae, you will be closer to achieving the feeling you want to express. Prerequisite: Andamento I.

Express Yourself - Memories & Discovering Flow
2 days
$250 per person (limit 4 participants)

In this workshop, you will be creating a mosaic using ceramic shards, glass, stone, and items of significance to you. In the process, you will choose materials that speak to you and that you feel relate to the special item(s) you want to have in your mosaic. While this workshop is about playful experimentation, we will be considering design, flow, contrast of materials/colors, lightness and darkness, and personal meaning. No experience is needed. It’s about fun!

Don’t forget, a custom tailored class or workshop can be made to meet your needs. Ideas are welcomed. Let me know what you have in mind so we can schedule the date(s) and time that works for you. Gift certificates are also available.

Thank you. David Chidgey


Student Comments
"Great stories. Great history. Positive instruction no wrong answers - Creative fun day with friends - Highly recommend - Treasured gift."
Mary C.

"Fantastic. Enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you!" Jennifer H.

"The class was perfect!" Ann D.

"Relaxing, informative day. David is a wealth of knowledge about mosaic art and he has great stories. Can't think of anything that could improve this day!" Linda S.

"I enjoyed the class. I thought it was thorough, but not overly detailed for beginners. I appreciated your suggestions and also your encouragement for us to use out own judgement. I welcomed the art history lesson and enjoyed seeing your beautiful art! Thank you." Jane K. M.

"The workshop was organized, educational and productive. I am proud to 'display' my finished piece. I was surprised at the amount of time needed to complete all the steps. Full eight hours." Marie B.

"David is a gifted, talented, and informed teacher of mosaics. Having taken two workshops with David, a stained glass stepping-stone, and andamento, I could not have found a better teacher. He is very thorough in answering every question I asked. I highly recommend his workshops." Avril C.

"I took the stained glass Celestial Gaudi class. David is a great instructor who is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from the class and feel confident to start a piece on my own." Maria R.

"This workshop (Pebble Workshop) was really nice, all the knowledge and learning included! Thank you so much for having me."
Mia T.

"I enjoyed this class because I learned a lot. I learned not only how to make a mandala, but also much about myself as an artist. You did get me out of my safety zone! Thanks!
Nina M.

"I enjoyed your instruction and stories. Enlightening history and discoveries in mandala processing."
Wes. R.

"I learned so much, not just about the process of glass mosaic, but also about composition, color, and other 'art issues.' Thank you, David, for being so positive and patient and helpful."
Tamra P. H.

"David, I thoroughly enjoyed your mandala class. I loved how you introduced your techniques - starting from the basics and building on each step. You are kind and reassuring to each client making each feel successful!"
Kristy S.

"I've had the best time learning this process. David was so eager for us to share the process and willingness to share his knowledge and talent. He was so patient and organized. Some of us has some experience and others none. All of us felt successful and came away wanting more."
Linda P.

"Wonderful end results for a first-time inexperienced student (myself). David was extremely knowledgeable, patient and ever-present (great hands-on instruction. I will absolutely do more workshops with him. They are a tremendous value and I'm interested in doing more to develop this skill!"
Andrea H. (Celestial Gaudi Workshop)

"Excellent workshop. I learned a lot and completed my piece same day. Good Value!"
Angele Iglehart (Celestial Gaudi Workshop)

"Oh wow! I learned so much. Your notes plus my notes should be helpful together. The exercises were good practice. Use of examples really helped."
Janet S. (Andamento I Workshop)

"Great one-on-one instruction. Clear instructions not only on process - but the emotion and sensibility of mosaic. Teaches on our level and uses own work as example only without dwelling on it. VERY GOOD & POSITIVE INSTRUCTOR."
Cecilia H. (Andamento I Workshop)

"David did such a great job of explaining, demonstrating, and teaching all of us. His stories behind the pieces he's done add to the experience."
Susan B.

"Loved it! It was very hands on and I learned a lot.
Mel G.

"Overall rating is clearly outstanding! It was well organized with daily goals and objectives, and activities. all materials needed were readily available. The best part of the workshop was the artist and his easy going encouraging manner. He made each of us feel special and talented."
Anne K.

"The workshop was informative, thorough, and made fun because of your easy manner. Thank you for your teaching and help during the whole workshop."
Becky R.

"David is so patient. Taking time to discuss the process at the beginning was essential to the end product. Learning the art process with life-related stories made the experience much more that an art class. I plan to take another class!"
Mary F.

"David takes the students through the whole process step by step, ending with a completed creation that you can't believe you made. Having David play with the design before starting made the end result much better than it would have been. The value study helped tremendously on which color choices I made for each section, including the ombre, sharing dark to light, for petals."
Carol C.

"Your 'hands-on' help was much appreciated. I think the 'pre-session' talks (regarding design) were so helpful."
Suzanne R.

"I loved the small group experience. Thank you David for your expertise, attention to detail, & helpful tips. You helped me create my masterpiece! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, Sawndra & Suzanne, an overall great time with great people!"
Karen W.

"I totally enjoyed this learning opportunity. It was brain absorbing and therapeutic!. Thank you David."
Sawndra W.

"The one-on-one experience - was invaluable. Having such choices on materials was very good for fostering creativity. David was a very insightful teacher with a genuine desire to aid in the creative process. True artist and teacher!"
Nina B.

"Liked the format - as a beginner with no glass or mosaic experience, I appreciate the step by step instructions with examples of how to do and how not to do different aspects. I also loved all the stories highlighting different phases of your growth in mosaics. Would not change a thing." Barbara C.

"I thought your workshop was brilliant - the study of process, content, pace of instruction. You seem to be very accessible about your art process. It's very helpful." Jennifer F.

"All is Fabulous!!!" Melissa B.

"So happy to have been a part of this workshop! David is an amazing and patient teacher which made this whole experience enjoyable. I actually learned how to make a mandala, then completed a mandala while making some new friends along the way. It was an awesome week! Thank you David!” Sherry C.

“I'm so pleased with how it turned out. The instructor was incredibly helpful, kind, and forthcoming with all his information. I highly recommend taking one of his classes if you have an interest in mosaics. Thank you David Chidgey!" Brendy C.

“I am having a wonderful time...learning more each day, lots of sharing and laughter...wonderful group of people. Yes I am planning my next mosaic...orchids....thank you David. This is your passion!” Ricky B.

"I'm enjoying myself a lot. So much fun sharing and learning with others. Especially when it comes to mosaics - my passion. Can't wait to see the finished mandalas. And see what class we take next!” Shirley R.

“A couple of things really stood out to me in this class. How the grout transformed the mandalas. How the light changed the color of the glass and how we had to trust David's experience when making our glass selections. And what a great group of people to spend three days with.” Shirley R.

“I had a fantastic time and each day was better than the previous day. David is a gifted teacher and friend to all sharing all his passion, experience and even some "oh this won't work" learning! Extra treat in meeting new friends!“ Ricky B.