ARTWORK > Mandalas

As a young boy, I was amazed how light was transformed by stained glass. The colored shapes and patterns which were cast on nearby walls drew all my attention, while the depicted images in the stained glass windows all but disappeared.

Now, I continue to play with the magic of color and luminosity as I creates my mosaic mandalas. From hundreds of pieces of stained glass, each mandala comes together to create beautiful patterns and effects. Inspiration comes from many sources including the great rose windows of Europe, nature, kaleidoscopes, sacred geometry and modern day crop circles. For me, the process of creating each mandala is both meditative and healing. I hope that you will enjoy their beauty as well.

So experience the magic of hundreds of pieces of stained glass sparkling jewel-like in the sun, rhythmic order creating beautiful patterns and effects, orbs of light suspended in space, intricate glass filled designs of light glowing with color.

As the sunlight changes during the day, these mosaic mandalas come to life. Each mandala has a chain so it can be hung in your window.

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